My name is Kostya.
I am a designer
I solve customer problems. I organize the work so that the result is an effective and impressive product. I understand the pains and desires of the customer, come up with ideas, organize the team, keep deadlines and save budgets. I work with my own hands and control others.
And I have a superpower
The ability to ask the right questions
So I help businessmen understand what they want, managers - what they need, and designers - what they do.
My core skills are:
Interface Design
I will make it convenient to the user. I will solve the problem of the customer. Find a common language with the developers. Omnicanal. Technologically. Desktop, iOs and Android.
Art Direction
Promote marketing strategy sites and promotions. I will think up and make keyvizual. One brand. I'll fill the banner. I am creating an article.
Team management
I will gather and develop the team. I will set up the processes. I will distribute the load. I will complete the project efficiently and on time.
Digital Project Management
I will clarify the business goal. I will prepare a brief. Make a backlog and plan. I will finish project in time and budget.
17+ years of practical experience
50+ completed projects
Art editor at Grebennikov Publishing House
Design Director at Iwill Digital Agency
Lead UI / UX designer at Sberbank-Technology
Design lead in MTS
I work with large and small business
4 years Kostya helped us develop the company and implement various projects. 4 years of work in one place is a long time in the modern world. I can say with confidence that Kostya is ready to invest his soul, strength, time in the project he believes in. I strongly recommend you this person, manager and a wonderful professional.
Eugene Galimsky
Development Director, Co-owner at Iwill