Go2Fit is an online service that automatically generates a personalized training and nutrition program based on the system developed by Nastya and Stas - elite fitness trainers.

For 6 months, we developed and launched a user-friendly interface, which was highly appreciated by both the trainer and the users of the product.

We made several approaches, went through a dozen hypotheses, tested 4 prototypes, before we came to the ideal for us and our customer

Girls who want to lose weight or get in shape go to go2fit.pro, and fill out a detailed questionnaire about their physical condition.

Based on the questionnaire, the system generates a daily nutrition and exercise plan.

Main screen

Every day, the client looks at her plan for the day, gets tips, or can contact the personal trainer.

For each exercise there is a description and detailed video instructions. The client notes the completed exercises, and the system tracks progress.


Each girl is formed a diet for the day, with recipes and recommendations. The client may note that she ate, that is not, and also add information about additional nutrition
Video presentation of the project (russian audio)
The project was successfully launched in 2017