#mobile only
Financial application
The service allows you to get financing for your business, without visiting the bank and long waiting.

The decision is made in 5-10 minutes, thanks to the scoring mechanism, integration with global data providers and collaboration with the largest US banks.

UTP service: you can get financing for your business from $5k to $250k in 10 minutes, being anywhere in the world.
Conversational interface
Communicating in a natural language is always more pleasant than on a dry official. The service looks more friendly thanks to the conversational style of communication.
Visual communication
I developed several rules that make it easy for customers to navigate the application:
  • the system asks questions in green;
  • what the client can interact with is blue;
  • client answers in matchbooks.
Customers open the application for two main tasks:
1. Get money
Preliminary offer
An important feature of the service: it gives you the opportunity to get a preliminary offer in a minute. You just need to fill in a few fields, and the service will show a preliminary offer.
If the preliminary proposal is satisfactory, the registration process is initiated. The client provides full information for scoring: Tax ID, basic information about the business, etc.
Scoring takes about 5 minutes. At this time, the client may leave the application or fill in additional information: invite an accountant, or add information of his bank accounts.
Following the results of scoring, the client receives the final offer. It can be signed directly in the application. 60 seconds to verify the signature, and you can spend money
2. Spend money
Inside the application, the client can
  • find out the status of your account;
  • withdraw money to another bank account
  • pay for purchases with a virtual debit card;
  • invite partner and accountant;
  • manage settings.
A client can receive financing for several businesses. Switch between businesses, he can personal profile
About 100 screens were drawn, 16 prototypes were tested, 2 designers were tortured, one client is happy. The application is preparing to enter the market