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McHappy Day
Every year, McDonald's celebrate McHappy Day, an annual day of community giving in support of Ronald McDonald House and other children's charities.

2-3 weeks before the action, the creative agency sent us keyvisual. Based on it, we made a promo website that was supposed to inspire people to participate in the action.
2013. Flower of Wiches
This year, the Brazilian artist prepared an excellent illustration, which we turned into an animated story about the fulfillment of desires.
2014. I bring Happines
It so happened that the keyvizual was not there almost until the launch of the action. Therefore, together with the illustrator, we prepared illustrations and made a horizontal scrolling site, about people who bring happines.
2016. Together we will help families to be together
Half a year before McHappyDay, we held a competition in which we selected 12 children's drawings. These drawings were printed on packages of French fries, which were sold throughout the month at McDonald's. And of course we showed them on the site.
Projects MacHappyDay the most favorite projects of our team.